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What up! I go by ThatNinjaJay and I'm a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn.


I started photography shortly after moving to New York. I got a Canon Rebel as a graduation present and begun to wander around Manhattan snapping pictures sort of obsessively. Around that time my partner had introduced me to the work of Sebastião Salgado. I was fascinated by his ability to capture the intimacy of the human condition and the often-haunting quality of his post-production. Inspired, I began to study photography. What I found was a way to organize the chaos of New York and create a sense of peace with my adopted home.


I’m obsessed with the relationships we often entangle ourselves in: whether that be between self, each other, nature, or the cities we’ve built. As an artist of color often I’m drawn to the oppressed and the marginalized. It is through empathizing with the other that I find myself in a deeper conversation with myself.  Thank you visiting. Leave a note in the comment box below.


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